Minuit, Meurtre en Mer (English presentation)Minuit, Meurtre en Mer

For the moment, the game will only be published in French but you will get below an overview of what this game is about. We do hope we will manage to translate it into English soon!

An investigation game aboard a cruise ship: for 2 to 6 players, from age 12

« Midnight! The bewitching hour! »

A passenger has been murdered in his suite on board a beautiful cruise ship! The twelve occupants of the VIP cabins on the restricted-access upper deck are the obvious suspects.

As a passenger on the ship, you, along with a few fellow private detectives, who happen to be attending conference on board, decide to carry out the investigation, putting at stake your reputation!

Minuit, Meurtre en Mer takes you on board for an unpredictable voyage, during which you will need to demonstrate insightfulness to uncover some or all the circumstances of the crime

Who did it? What was the motive? How was the victim murdered?

These are the key questions that you will do your best to answer.

Certain testimonies or evidence will corroborate with other evidence or clues, while others will indicate or reveal something. This is where it will be necessary to investigate further… Time is pressing on, and the events of the journey make the length of the game uncertain.

You should confuse the guilty person, to determine his or her motive and to reconstruct the circumstances of the crime. All this must happen before the ship is docked at its arrival port, when the authorities will take over the investigation, unless one of the private detectives brings everyone together to Reveal his or her findings.

This game will contain up to 20 different investigations, with 12 suspects who could be interrogated about three topics and 24 locations which are spread over several bridges that could be explored. Between 2 and 6 detectives can get to work, either in competition or cooperation.

Common assumptions for all investigations:

Unless the case is an accident or suicide, only one of the twelve suspects has committed the crime (without an accomplice), around midnight (15 minutes before or after, therefore between 11:45 p.m. to 00:15 a.m.), and only he or she is likely to lie.

General Remarks

All investigations are independent, and only the context is common. The characters are never the same, even if the suspects have the same first name. The surnames of the suspects do not matter (there is no need to note them). Any spouses that may be residing in the same cabin as the suspects are never involved in a murder.

Other passengers and crew (except the on-board Detective) are not represented on the board and do not move. They are nonetheless alive through the descriptions attached to places, testimonies or to the Events cards. Some characters not represented on the board (like the captain, the doctor, etc.) and some places on the ship can enlighten the players more than others.

The material includes:

  • 1 game board with floor plans of the ship decks and a pathway that indicates the progress of your trip,
  • 18 Event cards,
  • 20 pawns or pieces (1 cruise ship figure, 1 on-board detective pawn, 12 suspects pawns, 6 private detectives pawns for players) and a flat disc marker for « Last Suspect Moved « ,
  • 6 buoy tokens,
  • a 10-sided die,
  • 2 investigation booklets (yellow and red),
  • a notepad with « Notes » and « Deductions » sheets,
  • the Rules.

Action Points

Each player has 4 Action Points, which he or she can use at will to perform three types of actions:

  • Move his or her private detective pawn into an adjacent Zone on the same deck, or use an access point, which takes 1 point, except to move to the hold in Place 24 (2 points, for entry or exit). Private detectives are considered to be in a Zone, not in any one specific place.
  • Question a suspect on one of three possible topics – ALIBI (« Where were you at the time of the crime? »), WITNESS (« Do you know something that could be related to the crime? »), MOTIVE (« What emotional, professional or other ties do you have with the victim? »), which takes 1 to 3 points, according to the method chosen for this action. To interrogate a suspect, the private detective must be present in the same Zone as the suspect. State the chosen topic.
  • Search one numbered place to collect clues (Is there on-site physical evidence related to the crime or did someone notice something peculiar?). Takes 1 to 3 points, depending on the method for this action. To search a place, the detective must be present in the Zone that holds this place.

Three methods of investigation

Three methods of investigation, for the examination as well as for the search, can be used by the player, and can be changed freely, even during the same round:

Rapid    1 Action Point    Success with score between 1 to 7Public result
Discrete2 Action PointsSuccess with score between 1 to 7Private result
Meticulous3 Action PointsNo dice rolling Private result

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